Welcome to the website of the London VIP Chauffeur services provider, the best place where you can book the best price Chauffeur. We are offering our services in London and across all the significant locations of the United Kingdom. We are a comfortable, safe, and secure chauffeur services provider, and we are offering our services since 2008.

Here on this page, you will find out the terms and conditions for our website. If you are agreed on our terms and conditions, then you can use our website, but in the case, if you are not agreed, then you must not avail our services.

Definition of all the terms, which are used in this page

CUSTOMER – A person is a person who has agreed to go for our services and agreed on modes of payment as well as terms and conditions.

Company or the services provider – Our company means London VIP Chauffeur who is the best Chauffeur services provider across London and the UK.

Standard Charges – These are charges of our services, which are displayed on our website, brochure, and our social media.


Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is completely different from the others and due to our customer-friendly cancellation policy our customers shows their interest in us.

  • In the case, if you will cancel your ride before 24hours of your ride, then you will get full refund back of what you have spent on our services.
  • In the case, if you will cancel your ride before 12 hours, then we will charge 50% of fare from you.
  • In the case, if you going to cancel your ride before 8 hours, then there will no refund.

Payment terms and conditions

In the case, if you are making payment through your credit card or your debit card, then the whole statement will be processed by the name of the “London VIP Chauffeur.”

All of the parking charges will be paid by our customers. Whether it is airport parking charges or seaport parking charges, all of the parking fees will only be paid by our customers.

In the case, if a person needs to extend journey, then here, our customers have to pay for this.

All the charges like Toll and anything else will only paid by our customers.

Booking that are done on the unusual hours and the special days, will be charged more. Such hours include from 11:30 PM to 6:00 AM. And such special days include new year’s day, Christmas Day, and other days.

Waiting Terms and conditions

  • In the case, if the waiting will get exceeded beyond the limit, then the charges will be solely paid by our customers only.
  • Our waiting time will be around 15 minutes after that. It will be charged as per the 15 minutes blocks, and it will get exceed after each duration.
  • In the case, if you are departure internationally, then our waiting time will be around 45 minutes, and it all depends upon the city where you want to travel. The waiting time for all the international customers is approximately 15 minutes, and it will be exceeded after every 15 minutes.

Price and Payment terms and conditions

  • Our customers have to pay the money for their travel services as described on website or mail that they have received while they have confirmed booking.
  • If you are booking our services from our online website, then you must make sure that you must fulfill all the payment process to acquire our services.

Terms and conditions

  • We assure you that all of our vehicles or chauffeur will reach on their destination on time and the described destination. But we are not responsible for the traffic delays,
  • jams, accidents, mechanical problems or anything else, and they are entirely out of our control. We are not responsible for all the delays which are caused by such issues.
  • Unless told by the customers, our drivers will always choose their route to help our customers in reaching their destination that can be the airport, seaport, or anything else.
  • We make our customers enter all the necessary details on our website before booking. It all helps us in reaching the destination at the right time.
  • If we need to go for the cleaning of our vehicles due to our client’s activities, then it will be charged along with the fees of our complete services.
  • You are not allowed to distribute, extract, post, or retransmit any information which is present within our website. Even though you cannot download any information present on our website.
  • We come up with the best, and highly secure GPS systems enabled on our vehicles. We let our customers is to have an idea about the cars where they are and what is the current location.
  • In the case, if our driver asked to wait for sometime even during the journey, then there will not be waiting charges applied to our customers.

What are the documents that you are required while you have our chauffeur services?

  • Picture of the services that you have received on your email address.
  • Confirmation details
  • The details of the identification for a customer

Driving across the borders

As we the Chauffer services provider across London and other major locations across the United Kingdom. Currently, we are not offering our services across the border, but we can, in the future.

We have the right to refuse to offer our services to any person or any agency that does not meet our terms and conditions, which are required to fulfill while opting for our services.

In the case, if you are having issue or problem related to our services, then you can contact us at contact@londonvipchauffeur.com. You can also contact us on our official number at +44 203 808 8646. You can also message us directly on our Whatsapp number.


We are available 24/7 for your convenience, and will do our best to cater to any occasion. So whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, allow London VIP Chauffeur to offer you the ultimate in bespoke luxury chauffeur services.