Range Rover is one of the oldest luxury cars, and to this day they have preserved its uniqueness and class. The car is a valid symbol of luxury and style. The vehicle has gained more elegance and quality in its changing features and fine-tune. You can see the perfection into its design and interior. You can feel the soft buttery texture of the leather seats and redefined classic beauty if it’s exterior.

Range Rover Autobiography is the perfect transport for your wedding, parties and social gathering.


We are available 24/7 for your convenience, and will do our best to cater to any occasion. So whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, allow London VIP Chauffeur to offer you the ultimate in bespoke luxury chauffeur services.

Why book Range Rover chauffeur hire?

Range Rover is a classic and endless beauty car that can make anyone crazy about it. The vehicle offers comfort and luxury at the same time, which is not commonly achieved in other vehicles. For the long-distance rides, you need a cozy and comfortable transport that keeps you away from boredom and tiredness and range rover is the perfect example of that.

Those who like to treat themselves like a celeb or VIP can hire our chauffeur driven range rover. You can also book the Range over for your guests and make them feel like a VIP. Our VIP chauffeur services will make your journey fun and full of enjoyment.

 While you like to sit comfortably in the back seat, your chauffeur will follow your direction and commands. He will act and drive as per your request and make sure that nothing bothers you. The range rover is the epitome of luxury and comfort, and our chauffeur makes your ride soothing.

The car has rear legroom that is offered only by first-class air travels, and that makes your journey more relaxing. There are features like rear cabin reclining seats, multi-media solution, wine cooling cabinet and many more features that add luxury to it.

The car has great space, and it can hold four adults comfortably. If you have a group of 3-4 people, you don’t need to book another car, as you all can travel in the same vehicle that will save your money too.

If there is a child who is travelling along with you, then you can also request for a child seat, and we will provide that too. We follow all the child safety rules as we know that children are precious.

The car is featured with onboard wi-fi so that you can attend your online seminars, video calls and virtual conferences. Your work must not suffer while you are travelling. Do your unfinished work by comfortably sitting in the car.

Enjoy an outstanding experience while travelling with London VIP Chauffeur

Every one of us knows that the car is beautiful, elegant, classic and luxurious. It could be best for anyone and could be taken to anywhere as it has h huge wheelbase. So while you are staying in the UK or visiting the UK, there are many places and event where you can travel in a Range rover. The range rover is the beast that can turn every head toward it when it runs on the roads. If you want to leave a long term effect of your presence, then hire our VIP chauffeur driven range rover.

Royal Ascot: This is the event in which you cannot afford to look cheap. So when you are attending the event, travel in the luxury to make your presence more impactful and long-lasting.

Airport Transport: Travelling to the airport or from the airport must be comfortable and relaxing. The long air travel is tiring; hence one needs a comfortable and luxurious transport after a tiring air journey. The car is perfect for the airport transfer, and you can get our airport transfer chauffeur hiring services.

Day Service: You are the one who love luxury and comfort. While you have booked our full day service, it is up to you how you plan your journey. Your private chauffeur will follow your requests.

Wedding: This is a private as well as the most exciting event of your life. So while you want everything best for this day, why not the transport service. Walk-in elegance and style after saying “I do” to your partner. The ride will make your day more memorable.

Corporate Event: Corporate events are something where your professional reputation is on the stake. You must maintain your class and elegance while you attend such events. We offer corporate chauffeur hire service along with the classic range rover.

Guided Tours: You can make your own literary and hire your private guide. If you haven’t hired a Private guide, then our chauffeur is no less than a guide. He knows the top-rated places, and you must visit. He will take you to all the locations that high priced but not overcrowded at the same time.

Why hire range rover from London VIP Chauffeur?

We are the one who makes sure you travel in comfort and luxury. So if you value luxury then hire chauffeur services from us.

Affordable Price: We are offering affordable services as compared to our other competitors. When you book with us, you get the best rates and assured services.

Experienced Drivers: All the chauffeurs at London VIP chauffeurs are experienced and hold a valid license. They know all the routes of the city and can drop you to your destination on time.

All Day Service: You can make your booking any time of the day. We are open 24*7, so you will always get a response from our team. Our team is still ready to serve you.
Humble and Friendly Staff: We have a humble and super friendly staff. Your staff will hear all the queries carefully and respond to them.

No Hidden Charges: You will pay for the services that are mentioned on the website. We don’t have any hidden charges. Our staff will make everything clear to our clients to avoid such situations.

A fleet of Luxury Cars: If you are fond of luxury, then you must book a car from our luxury fleet. We have classic range rover and Mercedes Benz in our fleet that can make any head turn while it runs on the roads.