Welcome to the Privacy Policy page of London VIP Chauffeur

On this page, we will guide you in terms of the things or the information, which will be accessed b the team of the London VIP Chauffeur. So, you need to go through all these details before choosing our services.

What does our Privacy Policy Include?

  • Our privacy policy includes how do we interpret the information of our customers, whether they are drivers or our website visitors.
  • The privacy of our customers is very much essential for us and therefore, we make sure that we work on it and work as per our privacy policy.
  • We suggest our visitors check our privacy policy on a regular basis so that they will have an idea about all the changes or updation.
  • In the case, if you are still having any concern or problem related to our privacy policy, then you can contact to our official email address

A usual definition that you need to know

  • “YOU” a person who is going to avail or who has already grabbed services on our London VIP Chauffeur.
  • “DRIVER” is the person who is registered on our London VIP Chauffeur, and he is the person who is having skills to drive the vehicles at our London VIP Chauffeur.

How we use Personal Information?

We are the family of a professional chauffeur, and your information is very much essential for us. At the London VIP Chauffeur, we collect data of our visitors using multiple sources like from our website, social media, mobile app, and other interfaces. We only use the information of our customers for promotional purposes so that we can send our customers our latest deals. We also use the email address and other details of our customers to improve their experience along with us.

How can people below the age of 18 use our services?

As we are the Chauffeur services provider and the people who are below 18 years of age can use our website and can book their desired chauffeur. For the security reason, we never collect their personal information for personal usage.

What type of information do we collect from you?

We collect Email addresses, Payment details, name, location, phone number, and all the things, which are used while registering along with us. We also collect your ratings and your reviews for a particular driver and uses it for the marketing purpose.

How we use cookies?

Cookies are the small information, which is stored in the browser; it includes the information related to the time, date, and time that you have spent on our website. We use cookies to track your visit and make sure that you will not need to enter your details all the time, you browse to our website. If, in the case, you want to disable the cookies, then you must adjust the settings of your browser accordingly.

How we store your personal information?

At the London VIP chauffeur, you will find we are completely secure services provider, and we uses encrypted tools and software, to give you a better experience. Whether you are entering the details of your credit card or any else, your information is completely safe along with us.

Your information is completely protected with the help of a password, and whenever you need to access your information, you have to add the details of the password. We never disclose the details of your password along with the others as well.

How we use the information provided by you?

We share your personal details with the third parties if we need to deliver anything at your address. We also use your personal information to give you a better experience on our website.

Your personal information can be used by our team to have an idea about your experience with our services. They can also use your information to communicate along with you.

While you need to enter any details on our website like on the contact us form, then we use that information for connecting along with you, and we also use that information to provide you a better experience of your ride.

How can you access, change, or delete your personal information present on our website?

Only you and the team at the London VIP Chauffeur can check your personal information. Being our customer or our user, you can easily change or alter your personal information. Your information is always stored on our website, and we use your information to send you the latest offers and our latest deals.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

We are the only ones who can change our privacy policy anytime, and we will never update our visitors regarding the difference in the privacy policy. So, it is the responsibility of our customers to go through our privacy policy section to check for all the changes.

What type of information do we share along with third parties?

  • We never share any of the information of our customers with third parties. But in some of the cases, we need to share your personal information.
  • We share your information with the fraud detection agencies and the fraud prevention agencies to check for the fraud.
  • We also share your information along with the third-party payment providers, which help us in getting payments from you.
  • We also share your information along with the law enforcement agency if our customers get involved in any criminal activity.
  • We only interact along with our customers for marketing purposes unless you have not told us. We also communicate along with you over social media if you are under our demographic area.
  • Our third party marketing agencies can also use your personal information for marketing purposes.
  • In the case, if we talk to change or transfer any information on our website, then we always make sure that it must be done using all the safety measure so, that your information will not get lost or harmed.

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