London VIP chauffeur is offering a luxury ride of Mercedes Benz s class car, the car is an art in the world of automobile. While you are going to attend the business meeting, we offer you a chauffeur hire Mercedes Benz s class that has excellent amenities and a beautiful interior.

No matter where you live in the UK, you can book our chauffeur services if you are fond of luxury and privacy. Those who value the luxury they know how luxurious is Mercedes Benz and how it can boost your confidence while you take a ride.

Our VIP chauffeur hire services are primarily available for you, whether you are booking it for airport travel or corporate meeting. The car is a perfect fit for your personality.


The luxury is not only to get a chauffeur hire a car but having a car that defines your attitude, personality. Our large fleet of vehicles has many luxury cars, and one of them is Mercedes Benz s class. It is a car which has comfortable legroom, spacious and exquisite design, and classic interior. The car is for them who like to travel in comfort and luxury. Every part of the vehicle adds convenience while you visit. You would love to travel to the new Mercedes s class.
We aim to offer you a comfortable and safe ride when you book our luxury chauffeur hire services. The Mercedes s class adds charm and luxury when you reach your destination.


We are available 24/7 for your convenience, and will do our best to cater to any occasion. So whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, allow London VIP Chauffeur to offer you the ultimate in bespoke luxury chauffeur services.

Where can you travel in Mercedes Benz S Class?

The car is perfect for every event and site. You can go anywhere in the vehicle as it has excellent features and quality. Our experienced chauffeurs can take you anywhere as they are well aware of the car’s features. But there are few places and events that suit them best for this luxurious car.

Royal Ascot: The car is a perfect fit if you are going to attend the royal ascot. It is an event in which everyone waits for the whole year, and you can show off your luxury while you attend this event. When visiting the Royal Ascot, why not hire our event chauffeur car services. No one could be a great companion for you except than Mercedes S class for this prestigious event.

Airport Transfer: The car is best for the airport transfer as you need a functional leg space and comfortable ride. Airports are not near the city, and hence you need comfort and peace while traveling to the airport. After a busy day and tiring travel, you wish to have a peaceful and comfortable rode then hire our airport transfer chauffeur hire services. Our chauffeurs will drop you to your hotel from the airport safely. No matter if you are traveling international or domestic, we are providing services for all the airport transfer, and you can book our service for any airport transfer.

Book our Private Chauffeur: While you are looking for some privacy while traveling, then you can book our private chauffeur. Our private chauffeur is not just a driver but can also be a useful guide for you if you don’t have any knowledge about local places. If you are the one who is not well aware of the local areas, then our private chauffeur could be your local guide who knows the best places and eating joints of the city.

VIP Chauffeur Services: This is the service that is considered safest, most comfortable, and private. For the people who love style and luxury, then these services are for them. You will get all the modern amenities under this service, including our luxury Mercedes Benz S class, which is a valid symbol of luxury and quality.

Prom Night: We know that prom night is not an everyday event. To make it more special, you can book our Mercedes Benz s class for your child. Our chauffeur will take him/her with their friends to prom night.

Book the car for your wedding: No event could be as exciting as your wedding, and the vehicle is a classic fit for once in a lifetime event. While saying “I do” could be the most beautiful two words riding in an ethical and class car can add more thrill to this new journey.

What makes Mercedes Benz S Class the best Travel car?

While you travel by Mercedes Benz S Class, you know that your journey is going to be smooth, relaxing and worry-free. While you are sitting relaxed in your passenger seat, your chauffeur will navigate the route of London and the UK. The car has an open roof feature that is an additional feature and allows you to have many beautiful views while booking our chauffeur hire services.

Spectacular Exteriors and Splendid Interiors: The car is considered one of the most beautiful beasts on the road as it has impressive exteriors and elegant interiors. One cannot take his/her off while looking at the car. Its design makes it comfortable for the long route journey as you need more leg space, relaxing seats, and car offers everything that is required for a pleasant trip.

Cozy Interior of Mercedes S Class: Nothing can beat a warm and cozy feeling while having a long journey. Mercedes S Class has a warm and comfortable interior that offers you a pleasurable feel while you are sitting inside it. The car has features that help you to control your environment with the help of technology and modern conveniences. Some of the features of Mercedes S Class are wireless mobile charging, climate control, ambient light, and many more that make your journey more enjoyable and fun.

So, if you are looking for our chauffeur driven Mercedes S class car for your next airport, event, or corporate event travel, then book it from London VIP chauffeur. You will be delight by getting our superior chauffeur services.

We guarantee you a safe and happy journey by offering you chauffeur hire services. The chauffeurs at the London VIP chauffeur are friendly, well mannered and professional.